Ropesport: Extreme Workout

January 7, 2014 - Comment
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D. Wilson says:

Champion Jumping Roping Secrets Revealed No industry secret left unturned in this DVD. Every move I’ve seen experts do is displayed in super slow motion with instructions narrated for better understanding. This is NOT a workout DVD, but a demonstration/instructional DVD instead. This is where you learn more “show off” moves that will give you boredom free workouts and a way to impress on lookers, and of course burn some serious calories.Every move is not for everybody but there are some moves for everybody, you just have…

Gilberto Marquez Pineiro "gil marquez" says:

Advance Jump Rope Tricks Excellent video!!This is for those that have already created good endurance in the sport and want to take their jump rope abilities and skills to the next level. If you are just starting out, or can jump for less than 10 minutes, do not get near this video (yet) as you will find this too extreme. As in other reviewers’ post, the video presents advance movements in slow motion which makes them easy to see (not easy to perform though) they way it is done.An awesome and…

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